We manufacture and install various special doors to prevent disasters and protect special facilities such as MW for the Ministry of National Defense, sliding hanger doors, blast proof doors for magazines and oil refineries, etc. Our technology based on experience, research, and development is the top in the industry.

Based on a lot of experience and technologies, we participated in construction of No. 5 and 6 nuclear power plant in Uljin, and perfectly manufactured and installed special doors in and out of the nuclear power plants such as missile hatch doors, hollow metal doors, wire meshes, etc., which made our excellent technologies acknowledged by Dong Ah Construction and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. We are proud of having the best technology in the field of special doors.

In addition, we make and install radiation shield doors that block exposure of radiation in electronic beam radiation rooms, and water proof doors that prevent floods in subway stations (Cheolsan Station, Daechi Station). We don ' t spare any investment into research, development and facilities in order to manufacture more convenient and safer doors.

Currently, not only in the domestic market, but also in the world market, Dong Kwang ' s technology is being acknowledged through exports.

- This is to rationally protect against explosives and to remove them. It is suitable for chemical/biological/radiological facilities, storage facilities for magazines, nuclear power plants, etc.
- This is to defend an outside invader ' s guns or sudden attacks. It is good for checkrooms for dangerous articles, research laboratories, and warehouses for chemicals.

- This is to protect people and properties against flooding caused by heavy rains like typhoon, tidal waves, etc. It is suitable for exits in subway, internal connection passage, ventilating opening, transfer passage, parking lot, etc.

- This is to prevent poison gas or living pollutants from coming into a room. It is designed to have a protective function.


- This is to prevent leaking of radiation. / It is installed for the facilities using radiation and isotopes, or for the storage facilities for wastes resulting from radiation bombing.

- It is long resistant against fire. It blocks or delays fire from extending to a building so it protects human life and properties.
(7) BIG DOOR - Plenum door, Missile hatch door